Come to meet CLS Group at 4TH EAGE Global Energy Transition Conference & Exhibition, opening today in Paris for 4 days!

Key discussions will bring together various energy, regulators, and financial experts to discuss a broad range of themes such as: just and equitable transition, geoscience communication & societal engagement, and new energy business models all centred around the theme ‘’accelerating the path towards a sustainable energy future.” Satellite data, Lidar and AI for offshore wind

SARWind: Blowing through the Scientific Community and Making Headlines

At CLS, we measure the invisible: the wind. Our innovative methodology recently made the front page of Windtech International.

In Flanders, Engineering Structures Are Monitored From Space

Large structures such as bridges have long been monitored by means of annual levelling surveys. Although the results are highly accurate, this is a labor-intensive, high-cost approach that quickly reaches its limits. InSAR for large-scale bridge monitoring Figure 1: Overall area of interest & location of project This is where space-based monitoring comes into its

Renewables in France are breaking records the last days!

Wind energy production reached 16.4 GW on 31st of March (record being 16.6 on the 10th March), meaning that renewables produced more than a quarter of the electricity in France as of March 2023. This is unprecedented and a direct consequence of the soaring energy prices that are hitting the European continent. For the first time,

Why is Information Technology Critical?

Data is what powers industries worldwide. That may be an overstatement, but the ability to collect data and turning it into useful information is crucial. IT provides the means to develop, process, analyze, exchange, store and secure information. At CLS, the power of data is our constant concern. More globally, are we facing a social phenomenon?

Metocean Intelligence & In Situ Monitoring Solutions for Offshore Energy Industry with a Global Footprint

CLS’ environmental and ocean monitoring experts serve the offshore energy industry on a variety of daily missions for a broad range of applications, including: - Ocean modeling, - Metocean data collection (current profile, wave, water level, meteorological and water quality measurements), forecasting & platform monitoring, - Environmental baseline studies, - Oil seepage cartography, - Oil

CLS’ RUDICS Hosting service used to monitor the construction work of an offshore wind farm in France

Discover how CLS’ RUDICS Hosting service used to monitor the construction work of an offshore wind farm in France.

CLS is exhibiting at the Windada Conference and Exhibition 2022

CLS Southern Africa, CLS’ subsidiary, is exhibiting at the Windaba Conference and Exhibition 2022, Africa’s 1st wind energy conference.

The Wind Energy Hamburg exhibition is coming soon!

CLS and its subsidiary Meteodyn will participate at Wind Energy in Hamburg. Come to discover our integrated solutions for wind energy.

In Indonesia, satellites are used to monitor mine sites and limit risks

PT CLS, a CLS subsidiary, is now delivering the cutting-edge InSAR solution designed by TRE Altamira, another CLS subsidiary, to secure many of the mining sites in the archipelago.

CLS is participating to Seanergy 2022 in Le Havre, France

CLS with its subsidiary Meteodyn are exhibiting at Seanergy 2022 in Le Havre, France, from 15-17 June, on AD’OCC booth DE04.

See you at FOWT 2022

FOWT 2022, the annual meeting of the floating offshore wind sector community, takes place May 16 to 18 in Montpellier, France. CLS is honored to be part of it.

Offshore wind turbine off Saint-Nazaire: A first in France

As a partner of the wind energy industry, CLS and its subsidiary Meteodyn look back at the SARWind solution.

Offshore Wind: new contract for French floating wind with the French Ministry of Ecological Transition

CLS is proud to announce the signature of a new contract for the South of Brittany bidding zone (AO5) with the French Ministry of Ecological Transition’s Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC).

To limit climate change, shifting to renewable energy is one of the solutions

The development of renewable energies, to which CLS contributes daily, is also a key factor in the fight against greenhouse gases.

Looking for an integrated wind energy offer? Come to meet CLS and its subsidiary Meteodyn in Wind Europe Bilbao

Wind Europe annual event is starting in Bilbao and will end on April 7. We’ll be happy to welcome you on booth 3-D50C.(French Pavilion).

Joins us at Oceanology International 2022

CLS Energies & Infrastructures Monitoring teams will take part in the world’s largest Ocean Technology & Science event in March 2022.

The state of Transalpine Dams monitored via Satellite

Thank to satellites, TRE ALTAMIRA, a CLS subsidiary, watch over dams in the Alps from space to monitor their health and limit risks.

CLS supports energy major companies in their eco responsible approach

Each year CLS delivers more than 16 000 metocean bulletins concerning oil & gas activity to operate in the safest environmental conditions.

The Grand Paris Express, monitored from space by Tre Altamira, a CLS subsidiary

With the extension of the Paris metro, ground movements are subject to increased monitoring. Tre Altamira’s teams watch over.

Active Loop Current Drives Stellar 2021 FAST Eddy Season

To face a Loop Current event in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore asset’s operators turned to Woods Hole Group’s – CLS Group’s subsidiary, FAST Eddy program forcurrent measurements & reliable forecasts.

CLS and Meteodyn, its subsidiary, attend WindEurope Electric City 2021

The challenge of the estimation of potential extractible wind power of offshore wind farms. CLS participates in Wind Europe Technology 2021.

CLS acquires Meteodyn and takes the lead as a key partner in the ecological transition of the energy sector

CLS has announced the acquisition of Meteodyn, a company specialized in wind engineering, meteorology and climatology, and in the development of software and services for renewable energy, urban planning and wind safety.

CLS Southern Africa mobilises metocean programme in Suriname

CLS Southern Africa, a subsidiary of CLS, was awarded and recently mobilised a metocean programme in Suriname for B58 Joint venture (TotalEnergies and APA).

Wind Energy: The French Ministry of Ecological Transition grants its confidence to CLS

CLS is proud to announce the completion of an offshore wind energy deliverability study for the AO4 Normandy project on behalf of the French Ministry of Ecological Transition’s Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC).

Seanergy 2021, Nantes (France), 21-24 September. Come explore how CLS can help your wind assessment needs. 

Come explore how CLS can help your wind assessment needs at Seanergy 2021 in Nantes (France), with SAR satellite technology.

Space, vigil of the European historical heritage

In Rome, several buildings were scrutinized by Tre Altamira, a CLS subsidiary. Their smallest movement were reported in order to allow the implementation of restoration work.

CLS attends Wind Europe Technology Online Workshop 2021

The challenge of the estimation of potential extractible wind power of offshore wind farms. CLS participates in Wind Europe Technology 2021.

Green energy: AI at the forefront of offshore wind resource assessment

At CLS, we support the ecological transition to sustainable energies providing our experience and expertise to offshore wind energy operators.

Water, an essential resource for agriculture, managed and closely monitored from space

California is drawing its ground water faster than it is being replaced leading to excessive subsidence. The TRE Altamira, a CLS subsidiary, supports them with a state wide map of subsidence using space radar data.

Estimate the available wind resource at high altitude thanks to space

39,700 GWh is the French wind power production in 2020. Thanks to satellite imagery, we can significantly increase the forecasts accuracy.

Meet CLS at the Wind Energy Science Conference

CLS is thrilled to announce its participation in the WESC (Wind Energy Science Conference) 2021 web conference.

Monitoring and management of civil engineering infrastructures: The MIMIA consortium

CLS is in the consortium of the MIMIA “connected bridges” which aims to improve the evaluation & monitoring of the engineering structures.

A CLS innovation: a new service dedicated to solar energy using land use study

Photovoltaic energy is an important issue for the climate. How CLS and spatial support the establishment of photovoltaic farms?

Bridges are Monitored from Space

Capable of millimetric measurements, satellite imagery is a real bridge warning system that complements conventional measurements.

MSI & Lwandle join the CLS Group & become CLS Oceania and CLS Southern Africa

CLS is proud to announce that the companies Lwandle and MSI, based in South Africa and Australia (Tasmania) have joined the CLS Group.

How minimize the impacts of underwater noise?

Maritime traffic, oil activities… underwater noise is omnipresent. How can industries work, while minimizing the impacts?

A Female Team for an Environmental Baseline Study for TotalEnergies

In 2020, Prooceano was hired by TotalEnergies E&P do Brasil to execute 2 environmental characterization projects. After over 3 months of field activities, operations were successfully completed. This project consisted of collecting samples of sea water, sediment, CTD profiling, among others.

Costa Norte Project in Brazil

The Brazilian Equatorial Margin contains the largest continuous mangrove area in the world. Prooceano, a CLS subsidiary, Enauta and 3 universities (UERJ, UFRJ and UFPA) came together to develop a method for determining the vulnerability of these mangroves to oil contamination.

Tendral Ocean Prediction System (WHG-TOPS) Emulator

The Woods Hole Group, CLS subsidiary, – Tendral Ocean Prediction System (WHG-TOPS) Emulator is a real-time model correction tool developed in response to offshore energy industry needs for the rapid assimilation of in-situ data and the generation of accurate fine-scale ocean forecasts.