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Photovoltaic Power Plants: Identify the best sites

Ecological transition of the energy sector: CLS is committed to the players in the solar sector.

By creating a new service to identify the best sites for setting up photovoltaic power plants. A fast, effective and repeatable method.

The development of solar energy is a challenge for the climate. In Europe, the use of energy is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions. The growth of green energy is therefore strategic for our planet and a major challenge for energy operators.

To support the ecological transition of the energy sector, CLS is creating a new service to identify the best sites for photovoltaic power plants.

To date, more than 400 GW of photovoltaic power plants are in operation worldwide, producing more than 500 TWh of electricity.

By 2023, as a result of the dramatic drop in production prices in recent years, the world’s photovoltaic capacity will be tripled.

The Context

Locating sites suitable to install photovoltaic power plants presents a real challenge for solar energy operators.

Space, a decision-making aid

By putting satellites at the service of identifying potential areas for the installation of photovoltaic farms and combining it with other geo-referenced sources (aerial, DTM) we can identify the best sites of interest.

study area electric relay station
Study area with 10 km circles of an electrical relay station
aggregation constraints
Aggregation of constraints (land use & regulations)


It is by understanding the need expressed by energy operators to identify areas potentially equipped with solar panels that the development of our fast, efficient and repeatable method, was imagined.

Our service aims to maximize production thanks to a realistic implementation, meet specific conditions (easy implementation, exposure, proximity to consumption sites…) and contribute to the lowest possible cost per KW/hour.


This service is based on our expertise in environmental studies and support for energy operators, which has been our strength in these markets for more than 20 years.

By supporting the development of green energy and committing to solar energy players, CLS reaffirms its positioning in favor of innovative, sustainable solutions to understand and protect our Planet and manage its resources sustainably.

identification of plots available for implantation
Identification of plots available for implantation
attribute table concatenating information each parcel
Attribute table concatenating the information to each parcel

Our method

  1. Exclude unsuitable areas (slopes, northern exposure, state-owned forest, protected area, ….)
  2. Search for areas that meet the criteria required by clients (agricultural and industrial wastelands, certain types of afforestation, etc.).
  3. Identify the best sites of interest by combining georeferenced sources (aerial, satellite, DTM) of which we have the mastery and expertise.