We deliver environmental studies to help offshore energy operators to comply with regulations and gain accurate knowledge of operational ocean conditions. Each year we deliver them with more than 16 000 met-ocean bulletins concerning Oil & Gas activity to help them operate in the safest environmental conditions.   

In the face of unsafe working conditions, extended downtime, and escalated risk to the environment, operators turned to CLS for timely current measurements and reliable forecasts. 

We lead impact studies (exploration, production, decommissioning), we monitor marine noise, study species and habitats, Marine Protected Areas, deep-sea corals, birds and fisheries. We also study water quality monitoring.  

We propose met-ocean in-situ systems to help operators to obtain crucial in-situ observations for engineering & design. CLS custom-builds, installs, maintains and recovers ocean instrumentation in response to data acquisition requirements.

Thorough monitoring of offshore assets, we participate directly in helping energy operators to minimize environmental impacts and support all Oil & Gas players in their eco-responsible approach. 

CLS, as a catalyst for change, helps you to manage your transition to low-carbon energy projects. Together, let’s imagine the future, carry out transition projects and secure the existing.  

Our experts provide in-depth data analysis, worldwide.  

With 900 people all around the globe and 34 offices, we are ready to help you.