In 2020, in the middle of the new Coronavirus pandemic, Prooceano was hired by TotalEnergies E&P do Brasil to execute 2 environmental characterization projects, one for Block C-M-541 – Campos Basin – and another for Lapa Field – Santos Basin.

After over 3 months of field activities, operations were successfully completed.

This project consisted of collecting samples of sea water, sediment, CTD profiling, among others.

In the last campaign, however, something that had passed unnoticed caught our attention: we noticed that at a certain point in the last stage, carried out throughout October, the campaign coordination team was composed exclusively of women, both from Prooceano and TotalEnergies E&P do Brasil:

  • Coordination of the technical field team, including shift team, radio operation and operational technical support;
  • Team responsible for preparing the meteo-oceanographic operational forecast;
  • Project management, as well as in areas such as administrative, financial and logistics.

We are talking about almost 20 women who dealt with the challenge of taking samples in a water depth of more than 2000 m and close to the FPSO, with numerous safety limitations and details that deserved constant attention.

We were all very happy to experience the increased participation of women in activities that are still mostly carried out by men, such as offshore operations. We also highlight the wonderful integration between all the teams of the two companies, regardless of whether they are men or women. This shows the importance of diversity and integration that has been growing rapidly.

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