The Woods Hole Group, CLS subsidiary, – Tendral Ocean Prediction System (WHG-TOPS) Emulator is a real-time model correction tool developed in response to offshore energy industry needs for the rapid assimilation of in-situ data and the generation of accurate fine-scale ocean forecasts.

The Emulator generates thousands of ocean states based on WHG-TOPS (or any ocean model) to characterize statistics of the measured parameter (current velocity, salinity, or temperature). By selecting the closest match to observations, this technique generates an improved nowcast and forecast.

The Emulator can be used with various types of observations to improve fields and to derive robust uncertainty statistics. We have deployed this method in data-poor areas including South Africa, West Africa, and South Brasil, to improve the current forecast and support ongoing decisions and operational efficiency for seismic survey operations.

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Original current forecast
Corrected current forecast