Data is what powers industries worldwide. That may be an overstatement, but the ability to collect data and turning it into useful information is crucial. IT provides the means to develop, process, analyze, exchange, store and secure information. At CLS, the power of data is our constant concern.

More globally, are we facing a social phenomenon? Not sure, as technology still has a long way to go.

Core concerns of our IT managers, data and innovation must remain the focus of attention to better serve industry needs.

Especially if the data are focused on social issues such as how to fight against climate change by promoting the development of renewable energies. These are precisely the topics CLS and its subsidiaries deal with daily.

Last week, Philippe Roques, Chief Digital & Operations Officer at CLS HQ, with Henri Rocariès, CLS’ CISO, visited Meteodyn’ premises next to Nantes, France, and met IT Manager, Thomas Guyader, Frank Lancelot, Meteodyn General Manager and Eric Tromeur, Director of Research, Innovation, Service & Expertise at Meteodyn.

The discussions, one year after the acquisition of Meteodyn, focused on IT operations, deployment and maintain of business applications synergies, services, and infrastructures (servers, networks, storage) optimization, critical business capabilities and services delivery, government- and industry-driven regulatory requirements, agile or continuous development paradigms and IT security and data protection, central to our business as data specialists.

Meteodyn, whose expertise is recognized globally as the world leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) dedicated to the wind, joined the CLS Group in October 2021.

wind farm

Together, CLS and Meteodyn offer a unique and comprehensive range of wind/solar – onshore/offshore – climate/weather products, advice and services to support the growth of renewable energy.

We set up dedicated solutions for the development of wind farms, the forecasting of renewable energy production and the monitoring of the wind farms’ performance all around the world.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, coupled with physical modeling and weather forecasting, provide our customers with high-performance forecasting tools and services.

Philippe Roques and Henri Rocaries
Philippe Roques, Chief Digital & Operations Officer at CLS HQ, with Henri Rocariès, CLS’ CISO

“Data may be the new Graal”; says as a as a side note Philippe Roques, convinced that the ecological transition of the energy sector requires the mastery of data.