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Integrated Monitoring System for Ports & Coastal Activities

A tailor-made system for port monitoring

CLS offers an integrated solution to optimize the safety and the efficiency of port operations in real time or by historical analysis using measurements, multiple data sources, interpretation, and satellite technologies.

This solution also provides risk analysis of operations and critical information for infrastructure development.

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Situational Awareness

  • Measure port activity and the environment to gain better situational awareness
  • Surveillance of fleets, metocean navigation conditions, environmental parameter monitoring
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Optimize Operations

  • Transform the collected data into reliable information in order to optimize operations

  • Extreme weather events, vessel behavior, traffic events & metocean forecast

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  • Visualize and access both raw data and processed information on a dedicated platform

  • Secure web interface, dynamic dashboards, automatic reporting & alerts on events

A unique expertise

Kinéis constellation

Multisource data

Environmental: Satellite & In situ Measurements SAR, Optical – Metocean Stations, Coastal Radars
Geopositioning: AIS, VMS, LRIT, Argos, GPS
Database: Marine Protected Areas, EEZ, Piracy Activities


Monitoring & Analysis

Access to:
Real Time Monitoring & Alert System
Web Interface with Data Export and Reporting
Expert Support

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Data processing & Engineering

Traffic Monitoring
Vessel Behavior Analysis
Coastal Engineering
Flood Modeling
Waste & Pollution Monitoring
Environmental Mapping